New Face - B Sharp - Four in One

This is a special Facer-only edition of what has been my most popular design previously released for the Watchmaker platform and (still) available on Google Play. I had intended to wait to release this design to celebrate the arrival of my Summit 2 from the Montblanc contest, but sadly that watch arrived to their NYC boutique on the day of the lock-down of that city. So there it waits for who knows how long before businesses may reopen:sleepy: So I decided to go ahead and publish it now.

The name comes from a Thelonious Monk composition (often I name my faces for jazz tunes), the original face has four selectable variations, thus the name. My idea in this design was to try to maximize visibility of the tourbillon while keeping it mechanically realistic. So the tourbillon is larger and some of the escapement is envisioned to be under the back plate so that the visible components would stand out in more contrast. Also the particular color scheme for this version has specifically in mind the Titanium/blue Summit 2 model I await. (as seen in the preview below). The original version (and hopefully a future Facer version) also has the B Sharp Hybrid Mode to integrate smart watch info.

This is one of my personal favorites too, and I can’t wait to see it on the Summit 2. Though it looks pretty awesome on my H1 too! I hope you enjoy.


Hi @kvansant

I admire the creative work and attention to detail that is clear in your designs and this one is another beautiful piece, well done

If I may suggest; on Samsung Galaxy Watches when the watch goes to dim mode the seconds and anything depending on the seconds formula to rotate does not work, may be you can create something on top specific to dim mode

The other thing, in this model the seconds hand just stops at a certain position in dim mode, is it indicating something? I’m guessing battery?

Thanks @ozarour I think what you describe with dim mode on the galaxy watch is true with all smart watches. Although I vaguely remember someone saying that the new tic watches keep displaying seconds rotation in dim mode. I might be imagining that though :slight_smile:

I’m usually not inclined to introduce new elements in dim mode besides a lume in some designs. The reason is because basically I am imagining mechanical watches so I try to keep things mostly within what is realistic in that realm.

And yes, the seconds hand switches to battery indicator in dim on this one. That’s my default thing to do on any designs that don’t include a battery indicator. (And it’s an exception to my keep-it-realistic principle …or maybe not)

Just out of curiosity though… What might you want to have in place of the tourbillon in dim mode?

Strangely (for Galaxy Watch at least) the seconds hand can be kept running in dim mode but only through programming using Samsung GW SDK, it is evident in the built in faces that came preinstalled in the watch.

I myself a classic mechanical watch fanatic, I always wear my watch on my right wrist (because I’m left handed) and sometimes I wear my GW on my left hand just for the health and fitness readings when I do my daily walk or traveling

I agree with you that a classic face should be kept as realistic as possible in both modes

Thinking of of it, I wouldn’t do anything extra in dim mode for this watch, I synced it this morning when I saw it and I’m very happy you didn’t do anything extra in dim mode not even a lume for this one :+1:t4:


Although I’m not a fan of watches with the tourbillon showing, I can appreciate this fine craftsmanship.
I really like the back plate, the brushed edge, the way the 3, 9, 12 is incorperated. Nice piece.

@ozarour ah, I think maybe I had heard that about native GWD faces, maybe that’s true with native fossil faces too, I’ll have to check. I wish it was a selectable option.

I’m less inclined to include a lume in Facer than I was in Watchmaker. In Facer I don’t like how quickly it goes to dim mode and that this time is not configurable (it is in Watchmaker). And also I don’t like that you can’t have the lume be user configurable. Again this is something I do in Watchmaker for every face that has a lume. Usually I just have 3 settings, on, off, and auto (auto turns lume to on only between sunset and sunrise). Some faces that have a really cool lume I’ll also include an “always on setting”

In Facer my only solution is to create a duplicate no-lume version for every face that has a lume. Not ideal.

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Thanks @ThaMattie ! I guess tourbillons are a bit of a love/hate element. If it’s done well I’m in the love group, but I’m not a fan of unrealistic or poorly animated gears of any kind. I really hate to see random balance wheels or a hodgepodge of gears that make no sense. Thanks for the kind words about the design and graphics!