New face - B Sharp Inspiration Series #8 (free)

If I ever was to buy an expensive mechanical watch, I’d definitely be considering an annual calendar watch. And I’ve always liked retrograde hands too :grinning:


here’s a rose gold variation:


… and a blue version. I almost always have to do a blue :grin:

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Btw… I just noticed on my fossil watch that the date hand is showing the wrong date. In the creator it is correct, I thoroughly tested a bunch of dates before publishing. In the previews I see in this post, (as viewed on phone or PC) it is correct. In the previews I see in the Facer app on my phone is is showing the same incorrect date as the fossil watch shows. What in the world is going on?

The code I’m using for the hand is
(-120.5 + (#DMR# / *233))

It aligns perfectly in creator with each date from -113 to +113

In that line of code, you have # / *233) which doesn’t mean anything and will result in an error. What do you mean by that?

This is code adapted from something given to me as an example of how to code a retrograde hand. In the example it was a seconds hand.

…but in any event, as I understand it the /*233 is specifying the range out of 360. In this case 233deg. It works perfectly in the creator and the preview I see here.

Get rid of the spaces in your formula o/

Also great job as always. Very nice and clean face!


I’ve got it fixed by using this:

(-120.5 + (#Dd# / 31 * 233))

Which is actually almost exactly as it’s coded in lua script for the Watchmaker app too. I’m finding more and more how similar they are, it’s mostly getting used to the placement of parentheses.

Spaces don’t appear to be a problem btw…

Glad you got it working o/ But spaces are a problem for some devices, or so I hear.