New face for my wife help lol

Thanks again for all the Help in this adventure, it has been a fun learning experience


Sorry for coming late with my idea for little improvement.
I would change the text alignment of the main time element from right to left, or change its font to some with fixed width, to prevent the text from “jumping” sideways every second.

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Oh thanks I will look at that, I already published it. Can I change it even though it’s published? Either way the wife loves it, I will remember that bit of information for my next one I publish.

Thank you

You can still try

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Yes you can change a published face. Just click the edit button just like on an unpublished face. Once you make your changes and save it just click the button that says “Update” where the “Publish” button normally is. Your wife will have to sync it from the app or the internet to make the changes go to the watch. If she just does it from the watch’s “watch box” it will still be the unchanged face.

OK thanks I will look into doing this.