New face: MbM - Sun and Moon

Hey Everyone,
Here’s my latest face in my M by Morga series. This chrono is more of a whimsical fairytale design. The sky window rotates from sun to moon throughout 24 hours. Antique hands and numerical font. Left comp is steps and phone batt. The blue ring degrades CCW with battery life. Ring turns yellow below 50%, red below 25%. Right comp displays current temp and weather conditions. Date is included…

Could you please tell me how you did the battery circle decrease? Did you just use a bunch of layers and transparency them based on the battery life? Or is there a better way to do it?

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@cysterion, Here is how it was done :wink:

Thank you so much, your a genius

Thanks, but the real genius is @jmorga106 , I just posted the link … hahaha

Thanks guys if you have any other questions just let me know


Sorry thought you were him, didnt really look. Thanks for both of your help

How did you get the sun and moon to sync with the time? I am trying to make myself a watch like this using skoll and hati.

I’m pretty sure that is just an image in 2 halves rotating with the 24h rotation tag (it’s not accurate to sunrise/sunset): #DWFHS#

I have done that. I cant figure out how to sync sunrise and sunset so it changes accordingly.

I have one where I show the amount of daylight, maybe that can get you started (inspection is on):


That is a rather nice watch.

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I whipped this up. It starts rotating the wheel around 20 minutes before sunset/sunrise (inspection enabled):


I knew it could be done, but I had no idea how to do that. Thank you for sharing!!!

you’re welcome

Here’s what I have got done so far with your code. It took me a little while to figure out the exact angle the picture needed to be to make it “plug & play”, but I figured it out. MAG 1463

Again thank you because I have tried using the sun vs moon graphic before but just spun it between the halves using a yes no style of expression.

Looks nice the way you have it now.

myeah the image I googled needed a 45 degree rotation added, so for your image you could have taken out the 45 at the beginning of the expression.

My image started out with the sun on top and the moon on bottom.


I took it to Paint. net and it ended up like this and works perfect.