New Face - the Regency Chronograph (and THANKS MELLIN!)

Hey all,
Here’s my latest addition, the Regency Chrono - a very traditional design and my first WHITE face design (I suppose it’s about time, pardon the pun… or it was a long time coming - another pun, lol).

I’m getting more and more comfortable with my single-dial, multi-view complication rotation. The complication revolves every 5 seconds through the day & date, weather and temperature, watch and phone battery levels, and daily steps.

A hat-tip again to Mellin - I adopted your seconds-looping math into three 20-second periods. Then am displaying each of the four complication dials, pointers, and values in one of the 5-second slots in each of those periods. So each dial complication appears 3 times each minute but is only loaded once in the design.

Welcome any comments. Thanks!