New Face Variation - Black Guiolloche

I made this guilloche the other day for a different watch but thought it would look great with the styling of this one too so I made this black guilloche variation of # 7 in my Inspiration series.

I’ve got several versions of this style guilloche, sometimes called “rice grains” or “fish scales” that I’ve made for different projects. Each time I make a master “blank” I will always end up using it for multiple projects :slight_smile: The variations are mostly in the spacing and proportions of the patterns, but each time I think I get better at both the precision and the detailing :slight_smile:


You do create the guilloches entirely in Photoshop???

I already built a lot of guilloches as well but constructed them all in 3d at Autocad first.

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Yes Photoshop is the only graphics app I use. It took me a long time to figure out how to do it, and then as I said, I’ve figured out how to improve it each time I make a new one. In the end it’s a pretty simple process actually. But the “finishing” also has a big impact on the result.

I’m kind of curious about 3d programs but haven’t tried any. One of the guys I follow on Instagram does some really nice 3d work, I don’t know which 3d program he uses though. Longsee. But he only makes for Galaxy/Tizen

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My respect. I know how to copy/rotate elements in PS but that wouldn‘t give the same effect. Maybe i will try out in the future…

Just had a look at the longsee-guy. Nice work he does! I wish facer would have this gyro illumination as well - it can produce nice 3d and metal shimmering effects.

Yeah, it’s a nice effect. Do you develop in GWD also? …I do not but have thought about porting some of my faces there. Need to figure out the best platform for generating sales. I still think WM is the best platform for developing, but can’t sell in-app and it’s a royal hassle to put them up on Google Play for relatively very few sales. I’d like to give Facer a go, but kind of seems like it will take quite a while and I’ll have to give away a ton of work along the way to reach that threshold, so not sure if I’m prepared to do that.

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I tested the GWD but i didn‘t like the abilities and the workflow. Long time ago i tested an older version of watchmaker but didn‘t like all the necessary scripting. I tried the android version as well but it didn‘t convince me either. Watchmaker may have more possibilities but when you are used to facer you can do a really lot of nice things.

It does look to me like Facer has caught up to WM on most coding possibilities, (obviously your faces demonstrate that!) I’m actually pleasantly surprised how much I’m able to kind of adapt Lua script from WM into the same result in Facer. The interface for each has its pros and cons. I definitely like the easy publishing on Facer. Wish there was a mobile creator app though.

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Could be, i don‘t know WM good enough to compare the programs.