New Facer Creator: My Designs :)

Hello! I am a new Facer creator, and would love to show my designs and introduce myself.

First of all, my name is Haley and I draw all of my designs before I add the necessary components for a functioning and informative watch face. My designs are marketed towards teenagers or anyone with a modern style. Currently, I only have 2 watch faces, but that collection is growing. For example, Im already working on 2 more faces as of today. I hope to expand my rose gold collection, and just make watch faces that you suggest. Any suggestions?

Here is my profile link if you are at all interested in checking it out:

My profile

Here are my current two faces:

Galaxy things : )

Marble Disney (First creation in my rose gold collection)


Hi and Welcome!

You are off to a good start. What application do you use to create your graphics? The only suggestion I have is that you might want to make the pastels or the font a bit darker so the information is easier read. Have fun!

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Thank you! I will definitely do this from now on. I use clip studio paint :slight_smile:

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Strongly recommend Inkscape (vector graphics) editor, for (your own) hands and tic marks.

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Welcome @bellahaley2007

Great designs, I agree with @Linlay change the font color to contrast the background

Maybe also for the first design to darken the hands a little to be more visible…

A warm welcome @bellahaley2007 and a great start - well done.

Best advise I can offer is to create faces that you like; not what you think others will like. :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I will

Thankyou! Working on it currently :blush:

Thank you, great advise!

Thank you!

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