New Facer update draining battery

The newest Facer update asked for location permission in order to give accurate weather. Nothing wrong with that, I figured. But now, because of that, Facer has my GPS turned on all the time, even if the watchface doesn’t have weather on it, and that severely impacts my battery life. I have a Huawei Watch 2. Anything I can do to improve things?

Exactly the same problem for me. I am using Huawei Watch 2.

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Thanks for the report, guys! We’re looking into it

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I’d like to bump this, having the exact same issue also with the Huawei Watch 2.
Must be some weird compatibility issue…
Keep up the good work Facer!

FYI - we are looking into a fix for this. Hoping to release it this week. Thanks for your patience!

@yoni.shurygin @anthso @JDBreeze1 can you try the new beta and see if it helps?

Any update from users who tried the beta?

I wanted to give it a day to make sure and it looks like you guys fixed it!
Thanks for the great work!

@yoni.shurygin great!!

@anthso @JDBreeze1 can you confirm as well?

I’ll know better after tomorrow - but it does seem better so far.

Great! Keep us posted!