New faces please

Hi everyone. I’m new to the community and love this app so much!! I was just wondering if there is anyone in here that could design a Family Guy face? There’s already American Dad which is awesome, but I love family guy too. I’m no good at things like that so anyone that could do it would be amazing!!! Thanks all and have an awesome day/night. X

Hi jeni.murray,
Perhaps if you can post a link to an image that is not copyrighted, that would be helpful for the designers who can do this for you. Otherwise, we run into trouble if we use cartoon characters, etc…

Note: Family Guy is a Fox show, they are pretty stringent on their copyrighted materials.

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Since copyright is an issue, here’s an “inspired by” watchface for you. Let me know if there’s anything you’d like changed. Everyone else, let me know if you think I’m bordering on infringement so I can remove it, rather than have it flagged.


Thank you for doing this. Xx