[NEW FEATURE] Stickers

Check out the stickers feature we added to the creator under “add element”
You can now spice up any watch face with some :fire: stickers.

I’m almost fully sure that Characters and Decorations were in the editor before.
Am I wrong?

BTW.: @Lukasz , is your name written “Łukasz”, like in Polish, or that’s just coincidence?

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It was released late last month, definitely new. Yeah, its Łukasz – I don’t get fancy with it because it usually breaks all the internet since most things don’t account for that character :grin:

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I knew I’ve already sent them before this post!

Ps.: Miło zobaczyć Polaka na tej stronie. Nie próbowałem może używać “Luke”? Moje trzecie imię to Łukasz i zawsze tłumacze je jako Luke.

Hej Hej znajomy jezyk! Lubie Lukasz lepie bo jest egzotyczny tutaj hahah :yum:

btw, you have some really amazing watch faces coming in. keep up the great work!

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not really sure I see the point of these? They dont really add anything? Has anyone actually used them on their designs?