New Huawei watch GT2 not included in facer

Can you please add the GT2 watch by huawei in facer app


That will be awesome… I have the Huawei Watch 2 and I would love to get the GT2 but I love Facer to much to give it up… If they made an app for the GT2 I would get it… I hope they listen to your suggestion…

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Only watches with Tizen os (Samsung) or Wearos can install Facer. The Huawei GT series have a closed OS, so not compatible with Facer… Is not a Facer issue, is a limitation of the closed OS like Garmin, Amazfit etc


Now Huawei has created it’s beta Health app with watch face installer (in China), and other watchface install hacks are available (but fiddly), would it be possible to create a Facer watch face option for GT/GT2?

I believe the GT/GT2 can only have one custom face at a time, but it can definitely have them at least now.