New Information from Facer about Heart Rate & Steps

This is a copy of my email to Facer.

I have started getting several complaints about steps and heart not having any readings. I have just now started having problems on my own watches. My step counts are still working but when syncing a new face the heart rate shows zero and never updates. This is happening on a Fossil Carlyle HR running WearOS 2 and my Galaxy Watch 4 running WearOS 3. My phone app is version and the companion app version is I am telling everyone that questions me to restart their watch and check permissions. Then I tell them to contact you if that doesn’t fix it. Well I’m now having that issue and restarting the watch and phone and checking permissions didn’t fix it. The stock watch faces for both the Fossil and the Galaxy watch are showing the heart rate just fine.
Thank you for your assistance in advance!
Mr. Antisocial Guy

This is the response I just received from Amber at Facer

Sorry for the late response - some quick notes on this. We are aware of an issue that causes the Steps counter to show 0 on the Galaxy Watch 4 (so Wear OS 3) in some situations. We suspect it might be related to a firmware issue, but we are still investigating. Also, we know that restarting the watch device fixes the issue when reaching that state.
In regards to the heart rate, we are not aware of problems affecting the latest releases, so we’d definitely love to gather more info on that. One thing to note is that the heart rate counter is set to update directly from the sensor once every ~15 mins. This can prove problematic if the sensor reading fails meaning it might be more frequent on some devices - we’re hoping to improve on that system soon!
Make sure to direct anyone affected by the heart rate issue to support, with details about their smartwatch model and os version.
Thanks for the report! We appreciate this a lot!

This means if someone complains about heart rate or steps Facer would like to know everything we can tell them about the issue, so they can find a solution to our issues.