New Isometric face

Hey all, will be publishing this face soon. It is the second isometric project, and certainly not the last. I’ll just pop it up here to get anyone’s thoughts first. I’m just wondering about things like legibility. It’s unfortunate but I could only find 1 isometric font to work with which I really don’t like…maybe I need to teach myself how to make fonts now as well? Anyone have suggestions for good apps to make fonts?


Gosh. You are not Frightened of a few layers. I will have a look later. With Isometric you are a bit stuck really. I suppose the only thing that could be done is a radius on the edges of the block. One of the Others will point you at a Font Maker.
Great job that.

Make your Steps Numerals bigger. The other Gauges don’t need numbers really.


It is very well done, thought trough.
If you struggle to find right fonts for your scene, I can suggest 2 things:
a) change your approach when starting new face. pick slanted fonts you like (ideally if there are versions for slant in both directions), break rules of proper technical isometric projection and adjust the perspective view angle to the angle of the fonts.
b) try to make your own fonts, but I was never patient enough to properly learn any of the tools.
There are some good free ones among them like Glyphr, but some easier ones like Fontstruct are not very well suited for slanted fonts and it is pretty time consuming. There are also ways how to make fonts using Inkscape or adobe illustrator, but I never liked the first and never owned the second.
You could check also FontForge or BirdFont. There is one good and easy looking: FontArk but I never managed to get my account there approved.


Sound advice for sure. I do all my drawing in illustrator so I’ll start to look for tuts on how to make fonts in illustrator. I got so many ideas and being able to have fonts that could be displayed on the different axis of an isometric plane would be very cool. The jury is still out on whether the masses will like these isometric faces though.

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Not afraid of layers as I’m super anal about labeling. I just wish we could make group folders though… Would make life easier for sure.

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Yeah those who work with more than a Dozen Layers wish for some grown up Utilitys.

It doesn’t seem like something they would purposely not include in Facer Creator. I guess it’s just not an easy thing to do for a web-based GUI?

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Yeah all the web based stuff I use is the same.