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New member and new to designing watch faces

I have recently got a Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, and love it, I’ve been using it to help reduce my weight through counting calories and steps, it’s amazing.

The Huawei Watch GT2 that I had before was nothing like this, Facer wasn’t available on my old watch, but it is on my new watch.

I’ve designed 2 watch faces already and will most likely be going premium with it.

I am certain that I’ll have lots of questions as I go along. I’m really happy to see such a big and active community that I can turn to and maybe help out with too once I’ve got the hang of things.


Welcome to Facer and the Facer Community pages. You can find the things you need by using the magnifying glass at the top of all the community pages to search for what interests you. If you are having problems finding what you need, just post in the help section like you did here. One of the first searches you should do above is for the term “tutorial”. There have been several very helpful tutorials written in the past and they are solid gold in helping figure out how to do some things. Put your helmet on, buckle up and enjoy the ride!


Welcome to the Facer Community @thekeyboarddemon :slightly_smiling_face: