NEW none of the steps are working AGAIN Sept 2019

Can anyone help… i have fossil gen 5 and within the last week ALL steps not working on any faces


We are aware of this issue and are planning to release a workaround this week. in Facer 5.1.24.

Thanks for your patience!

thank you, if I may inquire why does this keep happening it seems like it has happened many many times now

This is still being investigated by Google, but the current assumption is that it’s a bug with the automated account detection in Google Fit for WearOS. In some cases, the steps returned by WearOS are for a “guest” account which for some reason does not count any steps. In other cases, the steps returned are for your actual Google Fit user. The reason why it switches between the two is unknown right now, but we think it’s related to Google Fit or WearOS updates.

To avoid this issue until this is fixed by Google, Facer will now ask the user (you!) to explicitly pick your Google Fit account the first time you wear a watch relying on the step counter.

Hope it helps!

ok, what do i need to do then? i am signed into my google fit account

@mrsig226 wait for Facer 5.1.24 to be released on Google Play :slight_smile: We’re hoping to have it in beta today and available to all users later this week. Thanks!

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Still not working

@mrsig226 Still not working with 5.1.24 installed? can you confirm you have that version installed on your watch?

correct still not working 5.1.24_101544_beta

@mrsig226 can you try uninstalling the app from your watch, and re-installing it with 5.1.24? The first time you load a face with step count, it should prompt you to select your Google Fit account (note that process is a bit slow). Once that is selected, steps should work properly.

yes it did that and i even restarted the watch still nothing

Do we have any update on this yet?


We are getting a lot of reports that this is fixed in Facer 5.1.25 which was released a couple of days ago. Can you confirm you have that version @jmontague89?

was working today

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