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New Pepper - Orbiting sphere

got some time now, so Im back with idea that is in my mind…

I would like to expand my watch face Dual Pepper with another version.

The idea:

So the idea is that around dials is orbiting a sphere.
For the first second visible is red one - in front of dials, for next 30 sec visible is blue one - behind dials.

Rotating should start on right side - where is “0 sec”… just concidering to put seconds inside.

Another thing:
The sphere should have a size at point 0 sec - > SIZEX
next on point 15 sec should have size SIZEX+Y
and on point 30 sec, size should be again SIZEX

The same situation behind the dials but size should be SIZEX-Y in 45 second point

Hope that I wrot it clear (as you know english isnt my first language)

Can you hel me guys? @petruuccios @ThaMattie @russellcresser

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

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I am looking at something else at the moment .Please have a look at this test and play with the numbers . Zooming the spheres is not a big problem . I will get back soon .


As I see HILTON object starts its journey from 12 o’clock position - hot to change it to start from 3 oclock position ?
I know this formulas, Ive tried similar but all I got starts from this same possition :confused:

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Hey @adrianrogalski

I’ve made this test a long time ago, maybe it helps:


Thats almost exacly what I need … with little modification, but now I have to change my plans to not crafting watch which is similar to yours :see_no_evil:
Thank you :blush:
Ofcourse, I let you know hows work is going on :slight_smile:

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I think you will Find @ThaMattie one of the most generous with his knowledge . He has the true spirit of the community . The code is for sharing . Your implementation and graphics will be unique .
I am not sure what you mean about the Hilton not starting at 3 O’clock . It is usually a matter of adding in 90 degrees somewhere . Most often those issues are resolved by setting you graphic pointing that way . Remember you can change the pivot point of an image in creator .


Feel free to make it exactly how you want. This was just a test for me. Looking forward to your version


What do you think ? @ThaMattie


@adrianrogalski It is cool animation.


looks great!


I like that crazy shit :rofl:

the sign is hanging next to “max headroom” in my hallway


I think it looks great!


Great - then I’ll publish the one :slight_smile:

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I love it! What a cool animation. I like how you change the UFO beam to background/foreground as it passes the ground features. Very clever! 5 stars! I think the time font needs to be a bit brighter somehow, but not in such a way that it would take away from the night time feel to it. Really great!