New pilot watch series

Hey thanks for looking.
My Grandpa (on my mom’s side) helped design Spitfires during WWII. My Grandpa (on my dad’s side) was in the Air/Sea Rescue division of the RAF. Needless to say, I’ve always had a thing for vintage pilot type stuff.

This first watch, the SF-86 is the first in a series of realistic pilot style watches I’m working on. Hope you enjoy!

Also, on a side note, the second hand doesn’t seem to want to work in dim mode on the actual watch. Any thoughts? Thanks


Wow really like this. Well done! The second hand does not move on the actual watch in dim mode. Most people hide the second hand on the dim mode. Very cool about your grandpas though.

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Ah that explains it. Thank you

Great face, I love the glass reflections.

As I understand it, some watches only update the image once per minute in dim mode, so that is why the second hand does not move.


Very good look. Has a vintage feel to it. I like it alot.

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Well done! I have a weakness for aviator-style watches as well. A buddy of mine has been restoring and flying vintage warbirds for years (Rag Wings and Radials). He flies them at air shows, events (he’s a regular at the Doolittle Raiders reunions with his B25) and even in movies. I’ll share your work with him for sure! Very cool about your Grandpa!

Too bad about the second hand in dim mode. Some of the hard-coded faces by the OEMs support moving seconds but not something we have access to. If you look at some Samsung faces on their watches the second hand moves in dim. Not sure about my WearOS…

Keep up the good work!

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Another great design and I agree with @mikeoday’s comment about the reflection, top-drawer!

I was also going to start working on some Flieger watch designs, I love their simplicity and classic looks.

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