This is my first attempt at this style of watch face. I decided to make everything from scratch via Photoshop to learn how to do the shading and such. This watchface is inspired from “BREGUET TRADITION AUTOMATIQUE” as seen Below.

Inspection Link:



Still not good with figuring out formulas! Anyone know the formula to get the Second hand to be confined as in the pictures above?

Happy to. What rotation angles correspond with your 0, 60 second marks?

That I do not know! But a good guess would be 60deg to -30deg. The equation would be good and I can fine tune it!

Inspection mode link below:

Second hand rotation:

angleMax - #DWFSS# * ( angleMax - angleMin) / 360

eg: for angles 120 to -30:




Thanks Mike, Appreciate!

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Works Perfect!

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I think I am pretty much done! I got lazy, I didn’t make the hands or the spring, but everything else I made from scratch! Pretty happy for first realistic face. Any ideas or anything I may have forgot or should change let me know!

All that work and they removed it for copyright! There was nothing I used that was copyright. I made everything! Pretty disappointed.

Sometimes the automatic system produces false positives and will remove a face. If you did not use any brand names, registered trademarks or copyrighted material on the face or in the description text then you could always appeal. Did the email that was sent to you include details of how to lodge such an appeal?

I used the name Breguet in the description to say what the design was inspired by! I have not gotten to reading those rules yet. I have appealed explaining what I did. Do you think they will allow it or allow me to change the description? As of now I can’t even access it.

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It’s back up and redacted!

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I’ve added Gold and black versions!

Thoughts or changes, let me know.

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I am glad that you figured out the problem. My favourite is the black version. :+1:

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