New secret garden Problem

Hi everyone, got a problem with the snail in this one disapearing from time to time, but randomly , sometime he crosses , sometimes not, but only on watch , on site its fine.
edit. he seems to be restarting everytime the screen turns off, anyone know why that would happen? the code is just slowed down, and when sped up its ok too, but hes a snail and has to go slow

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As far as I am aware, the #DWE# is Time Elapsed Since Last Visit, so that would always put the image back to where it was, but I think I may have solved your problem for you by replacing it with a #DWFSS# TAG like this - (-30+(360*(((.03)#DWFSS#/6)-(floor((.03)#DWFSS#/6)))))
The /6 after it can be changed to alter the speed but make sure to change both of them to the same value, the first #DWFSS# and the second. Here is my example with Inspection On -

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Wow, excellent, thankyou so much , your amazing, I hated the idea of speeding him up

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although its not working for me?? sorry , yes it is, i may have typed something wrong and couldnt see, i started it over and now it works awesomely

That’s strange :thinking: Did you copy the Formula correctly, without any spaces and all of the Brackets?

Dont know what i did wrong, but hes super slow now its so life like, thanks again,

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You’re most welcome :+1:
My math is rubbish, I just thought about the #DWE#, played around a little (all the while thinking someone else would solve this for you lol) and surprised myself when it worked. Hope it works ok on your Watch too, I didn’t test that out…

now that i look at the other face i have the same code on it does the same thing, there has to be a way as the code i use for the animals going the other direction doesnt start over when watch is woken ,Ive tried just copying the code from the animals goin the other way and changing the letters but i cant get it right and it just stops altogether, im going to have to do some more research on the code and ask for help tomorrow as someone must have a string of code that can fix this

you should add ` before and after the formula. As you can see, it is missing * in there, because that is converted to italic by the forum:

(-30+(360*(((.03)#DWFSS#/6)-(floor((.03) #DWFSS#/6)))))
(-30+(360*(((.03)*#DWFSS#/6)-(floor((.03)* #DWFSS#/6)))))


Nice one Matt :+1:

Thanks for that, but after along time, I was able to find that this worked and its a much easier code, (-25+(((#DWFSS#)/360)*320))

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yep, that would make it crawl over in exactly 1 minute


Well done beatnick :clap: