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New Tags and Expressions October 2022

Some of the respondents in the Community have been Flagging up some nice new Tags and Expressions. I get the feeling that Facer Is rolling them out and there will be some Notice about them when the Rollout is completed .

Perhaps @Facer_Official can join in on this one .

Until this topic goes out of date I will try to Curate a List here at the Top or the Topic .

I will show a couple of my Favourites here . I do hope others will join in and I will Copy and paste them up here .


#DUb# Hours in day using user’s preferred format (UTC) (12/24)​
eg. #DUb# Universal Time Code 12 or 24 hours . Great for Pilots .

#DZ# Formatted time zone offset
eg. #DZ# shows + / - 12 to time zone includes DLS I believe .


pad(number, digits) Pads a number with β€œ0” so it fills the digits value specified
eg. (pad(#Db#,2)) Shows a leading Zero on the user selected 12/24 hrs . Seems that is covered by a new Tag but it is an example that is easy to understand

toFixed(number, digits) Truncates a number to a decimal precision based on the digits value specified
eg (toFixed(#Dsm#,2)) Millisecond to 1/100 ths


I am very happy about it.
A lot of the new things will be a lot of fun.

You should only know and understand it.
Thanks for the explanations.

I look forward to further information.

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Go an answer to my Email to Little Labs about the new Tsgs.