New to android wear and facer

so I am new to android wear and facer and was wondering, does facer have to be running on my phone all the time or only when I want to edit or sync a new watch face? thanks in advance

Yes, but not how you would think.

There are two main ways a program can run on a phone:

  1. As a front end graphical user interface (GUI)
  2. As a service

The front end is just used to configure the program and set setting, like choosing which watch face you want to use and changing where your wether location is. You are using a GUI right now to read this message.

The service works behind the scenes to send update information to your watch, such as new weather data or other new stats to display.

You can close, or even force kill the front end app at any time and your watch face will still function and receive updates.

This is how virtually every application on your phone works, like Gmail. It has a front end to let you read and manage your email, but behind the scenes is a service that periodically checks with Google’s servers for new content and reports back.

The service is built to take up as little resources on your phone as possible.

With Android, don’t worry about closing apps yourself.

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