New to creating Watch Faces

Hey folks,
I’m new to making watch faces. I have made a couple with some basic designs and objects. I am curious what people are using to create different objects for their watch faces like photoshop or other useful programs programs.


Hi, i use Autocad for modeling and Photoshop for graphic finetuning, others use Adobe Illustrator an Powerpoint…

Greetings, GAUSS

Up to this point I have been using PowerPoint and you can do quite a bit with it. But I am trying to move to using Photoshop.

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Didn’t even think about using PowerPoint. Thanks for the tip!

PowerPoint seems to be the secret weapon. I use Photoshop, gravit, and blender

Ps and Ai

Hi @jerhoagland,

I use Photoshop and AI…


That is great that you can use PowerPoint!:relaxed: