New to Designing

Hi Guys wanted to show off some of my pics from my holiday as big Disney / Universal Fans, Any feedback greatly appreciated.

only a free user at the moment and looking at becoming Pro.


Welcome @stevennkira87 !

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Thanks @lucky.andrei any feedback always appreciated and tips.

Cool, and welcome! Cool pic btw. I see you’re using the Disney font for everything, the problem with it, is that it’s hard to read when it’s small. Maybe you could find a simple font for the small stuff and just use the Disney font for the main digital time. As far as tips go, it’s hard to just fire off tips at people, but if you come in with a problem you need solved, someone here can help.

You could cut the mickey mouse outline out of the background and put the battery progress bar behind it so that mickey becomes the battery level indicator. That’s kind of a tip?