New to Facer trying to find more girly designs

Hi there,
Sorry if this is in the wrong place, but I’m not sure where to look for a similar open thread. I just got a Huawei Watch 2 and browsed thru the various watch face apps, finding Facer to be the absolute best for design and choice. At the time, there was a whole category of girly/floral faces …and now the whole category is gone, and there are no other similar faces anywhere to be found? Can you please add more of these, just for variety? Is it a lack of designers? I’m not sure where else to look, but will keep checking and hoping more are added! Thank you! :blush:


@mbk2374, welcome to Facer!
It’s a pleasure to have someone asking about watch faces for women’s watches. Please feel free to follow me and some of the other ladies who design “girlie” watch faces.
Most of my 19 collections contain “girlie” themes. If you are looking for floral designs scroll through my Secret Garden.
Post back if you have questions. The regulars here are very helpful.

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Oh wow! I must be using Facer wrong… I totally missed these (I’ve always had Fitbits so I’m not used to having so many choices for watch faces! I didn’t even see your designs! Thank you so much…and keep designing!!

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Hi Kim,
No, you’re not using Facer “wrong”. It just takes a while to find various collections in the designers’ profiles.
Be sure to check out all of the Featured designs as well. Have fun!

Saw the conversation and thought up a new design you may be interested in. Please enjoy (its free):