New to it all, point me in the right direction please 😁

I’m totally new to Facer and creating watch faces. I’m only planning on creating my own to use and not publish, just for fun really.
is there a good place to look for a tutorial?
If I were to use an image as background, what is the best size to save to and which is best, png or jpg?

Welcome to Facer! First I would go and look over the Tags Page and see how things are added like time, date, etc. Also on that page at the top left is the “Articles in this section” which has links to “Expressions”, “Conditionals” and “Boolean logic”. Also on the reading list is the Facer Tutorials home page. Lastly I would suggest on computer looking at different watch faces others have created and click the little rocket ship icon to the left. That is a link to the inspection for that face and you will be able to see exactly how it was done using the tabbed elements on the left side of the page. You can play with them all you want because nothing you do in there will be saved. Lastly you can go to my homepage Mr. Antisocial Guy and look at any of my over 1,200 watch faces. I have them all open so people can see how to do things ( in a crude redneck style of course :laughing: )


Awesome, thank you

Hi Chris, welcome to Facer. It seems MrAntiSocial has more or less covered everything, but I will add that any size jpeg or png works just fine for me. I’m only an amateur, with a basic account here, but I create some pretty cool Faces with the basics I have access to here. Check out my Faces if you want to HERE

Cheers, I’ll have a proper play on the PC when my daughter has tidied up her Christmas pressies that are littered all over my desk :grin:

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I take it the rocket only appears if the creator wanted people to see how it’s made. i haven’t seen the rocket yet after looking at a dozen or more :slight_smile:

That is correct, it is the face creator’s choice as to whether or not to allow inspection. I like trying to help out people on their learning adventure so I leave inspection mode turned on.

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