New to premium and would like to learn how to make faces

I was wondering if someone whos a relitively decent face creator would help me learn the basics on how to create faces so that I could do something artistic and have somethint productive to do. Also, do you get paid for each purchase made?

Welcome in the community.
There are a lot of users here who are happy to answer specific questions.
There are professionals in graphics and coding.

Payment is another issue.
In the support areas of facer everything can be read well, what, how and to whom payments go for the faces liable to pay.

So first have fun in the community.

To learn how others build their faces you can go to your space via “Create” and there you’ll see on the top right a menu:


Going to “Community” you have the means to look into the details how watch faces are designed.
Also go to the resources section where you can find lots of useful elements, such as hands and bezels, etc.

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