New To This Whole Thing, Advice Needed

New comer to Facer, never really warmed up to it since I can’t seem to find the option to delay the screen timeout, a bit too fast for me. Anyway, these are the two watchfaces I created using the Facer Creator app.

This one is a simple design that shows different pictures every hour, don’t know why the pictures won’t show up after 12 noon when set at 24hr. Is there something I can change to fix that?

Another simple one, a tribute to a hero of mine that most probably never even heard of before. His eyes blink randomly. I’ve prepped different expressions but couldn’t find the way to make his face change randomly without using the sequence feature in the Facer Creator app (using it means losing his blinking animation which I quite fancy). Reckon there’s a way to do that right?

Thank you in advance for any constructive criticism and input you guys can offer me!

PS: Mod, if I posted this in the wrong section, by all means move it to the correct one. Thank you…


Nice designs and welcome to Facer!

I can’t immediately think why your images are not showing after 12 noon. If you enable inspection mode and share a link to the face I will have a look at the expressions and see if I can figure it out.

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I’ve turned on the inspection mode:

Thanks for the help!

Sorry that is not the link to the inspection mode preview …

Below are the steps to follow to get and show the inspection mode link:

Steps to share Inspection Mode link:

A. In the watch browser, click on the “Enable Inspection” item in the pull down menu next to the face

B. In the same pull down menu, click on the “Share” item to open a new window displaying the watch with the inspection icon ( a small rocket ) visible. If left-clicking on the “Share” item does not work then try right-clicking and select “open in new window”.

The preview should show the icon as follows:

C. Copy the full web address from the address bar in the browser and past it into your post. The address should look something like this:

" "

D. When you insert the link into a post it won’t show the actual preview, it will look like this:

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The URL that pops up following your guide is much simpler on mine. Hop it still works the same @mikeoday

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Ok, the link works.

Your expressions only test for equality for 12 values.

eg: $#Db#==12?90:0$

#Db# will return 24 values in 24hr mode so you either have to have 24 layers or reuse the 12 images.

To reuse the layers, you could try replacing the expressions for all 12 layers with the following:


where X = 0 to 11 for your 12 layers.

This should repeat the cycle of images every 12 hrs.

I hope that helps.


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Thank you! Will give this a go later once I get back home!

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Your script has fixed the issue. Thank you!

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You are most welcome - I am glad it worked :slight_smile: