New today but having trouble

I just got the pro plan. I’m in the creator but can’t seem to find the tools to edit the time/date font or color or even move it. I don’t have anywhere that lets me add a complication either, I’m only seeing the option to add a photo. Can I not edit the time/date or add complications to the ‘photos’ design option? If not, am I able to somehow add a background image to the ‘info graph modular’? Thanks for any help!

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Hi @ashley.tatlock From what you are saying you are trying to design for an Apple watch . Is that what you want to do . It sounds like you are working on the old Creator . We are on Creator7 now. So are you using the Online Platform ?

Ok so I think I have the answer .
The first Apple Template you can only add A Photo .
Close one of the other Templates and let us know how you get on .
The first Play is not that easy Lots to learn .

The two Issues are mutually exclusive . You can only put images in the windows indicated in the other templates . I think some can Port Faces from the Watch to Facer but you will need one of the Apple Pros to teach you that.

Hopefully one will Pass by soon .

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