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Hi all,

We have just started a new Tutorials section at
There are currently two tutorials:

Some of your favorite designers from the Facer community will also be contributing tutorials to this section. If you’ve seen an effect on any watch face on Facer that you’d like to replicate, feel free to message them and suggest they contribute a tutorial!

The Facer crew


How does one create a new tutorial?

@Mellin the recommended way is to write one using Medium (platform we use for our news), and sharing the link here. If we think it’ll be beneficial to the broader Facer community, we’ll contact you, suggest edits, and then add it to the publication where you’ll be credited as a writer.

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Hey @Mellin and @jmorga106, we got this. I’ve been trying to think of some ways to clean up and simplify the tutorial section as well. I put together a short outline of sorts to expand on many of the complications I’ve seen over the past few months of designing. Here is the draft list:
1 Movements
1.1 Stretch
1.1.1 Battery Bar
1.2 Rotate
1.3 Back and Forth
1.4 Scrolling text
1.5 Scroll with a pause
1.6 Pendulum
1.7 Basic Orbit
1.8 Geosynchronous Orbit
1.9 Breathing Size
2 Acceleration
2.1 Active Shadows/Highlights
2.2 3D Based Lighting
2.3 Gravity based movement
3 Transparency
3.1 Animations
3.1.1 Looping 1 Second Loop 2 Second Loop
3.1.2 Non-Looping
3.2 Fades
3.2.1 Fade in/Out
3.2.2 Fading/Blinking
3.3 Indicator Lights
4 Random Acts
4.1 Random Pictures
4.2 Wiggle
5 Computations
5.1 Astronomy
5.1.1 Moon Phases
5.1.2 Julian Day
5.1.3 Planetary Orbits
5.1.4 Planisphere
5.2 Weather
5.2.1 Heat Index
5.2.2 Custom Icons
5.3 Activity
5.3.1 Steps to Miles/Km
5.4 Maths
5.4.1 Sin/Cos/Tan
5.4.2 Floor/Ceiling/Clamp

If you guys have some additions let me know.

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I could add sun based compass.

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