NEW: Venatino Italian Marble - Formal Wear

Hey everyone,
Here’s another new minimalist/elegant watchface. Super simple but I was going for highly realistic. I was trying to avoid another plain white face with black accents and try to do something a little different. So the face is Italian Venato Carrara marble which is quarried in northern Tuscany. A flat marble disk with a raised lip, some lighting, some shadowing, and the beveled black inlays (PhotoShop). Simple hands and the single roman numeral 12. For black tie affairs and other formal wear.

Hope you keep this in mind the next time you’re renting a tuxedo ha! :smile:

Comments are always welcome!



very cool!!!

Purdy. Is the shadow/highlight simply a mask over a flat texture?

@hayden, Thankssssssssssss! (20 characters)

Hey @eradicator09,
There is some shadow/highlight. I copied off a thin ring from the perimeter, about 35 pixels (the whole image was 960x960) and rotated it slightly to give that depth perception. so you have the bottom dish that’s flat, then the outer lip that’s flat. Then to make the inside wall, I copied off another ring inside the outer ring, warped it a little to stretch the veins so they meet the ones on the bottom dish.

the original marble image was off some bathroom tile store website that sells that kind of marble :smile:

Then all of the shadow/lighting is standard bevel functions in Photoshop. The heaviest effect on that inside wall obviously with the light shining from upper left to lower right. Then spent a lot of time with the blend tool & clone tool to clean things up.

Photoshop has all of these cool 3D tools where I’m sure I could have selected the outer lip ring and “extruded” (pull up) the outer lip from the lower surface in one move somehow. Just haven’t had a chance to really learn that stuff yet.


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