New Watch Face "Red Handed"

I made this personally for me to suit my own taste in a watch and decided to see what everyone else thinks about it. Its my first attempt and hopefully I will make a lot more. Looking for constructive criticism and comments.

[Lite Version]

[Pro Version]



To me the seconds hand looks a bit out of place; nothing to anchor it.
To show seconds I would either add a seconds digit to the display or if you want to keep it analogue, use an orbiting dot or ring around the edge of the face.
Alternatively you could keep it simple and not show seconds at all.

Just so you know, you can display the face directly on the forum by just pasting the Facer URL into the post.

Like this:

The preview has been broken (at least for me) for the past few weeks, but it still works when you submit the post


@mountain_lion Thanks for the tip!

Pleasure, Oh and welcome to the Facer community!

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I definitely am enjoying making them so far! Is there a forum with codes for specific actions like the rotating dot second hand?

This is what I did for my simple digital face (no nice graphics like yours).


Yes! Just like that. I couldnt figure out the code for it.

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My face is open for inspection so you can have a look at what I did (rocket-ship icon on the face page).
It took me a while to dust the cobwebs off my maths…
Only after I spent a few hours to figure it out, I found the tutorial section on the this forum where it is all explained and available to copy & paste!

Not sure if your face name of “Red Handed” will still apply if you remove the seconds hand though :grin:


@Kota hello, welcome to Facer, beautiful and easy to read.

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