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New Watch Face Style

Hi. I visited the Facer create your own watch face. I didn’t have much luck with the design I would like. Can I upload a pic of the watch face for Facer to create for me? I have a design created from photos ready for Facer. Thx. Scott.

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Welcome @scttwd . I think you should Persist . I have posted some very short Videos on YouTube I thought might help someone starting out . I am encouraging you to make your own face as it is quite the most Pleasing thing I have done to make a Face for my own watch and I have been making stuff all my working Life .
You will find on here that most are not interested in Requests . They tend to Work hard to make something Original . Please excuse me if the picture of the watch above is your original Work .

With a search you will find some fantastic Hands and Ticks in the RESOURCES section of this Forum . If you get really stuck I could make you a couple of hands and ticks .

If you check out the work of @mrantisocialguy you might find exactly what you are looking for . You do not need to look through my stuff I have nothing Like that .

Please Get Back to us . You will be very Surprised at the Help you will be offered to make your First Face .