New watch face ZK_TR040

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I like the design. I might change the colors a little. I’m not big on turquoise, but that’s just my opinion so don’t think I’m taking away from your work. Other then that its different and I like that a lot. You do know that in dim mode its all black except the date?? Excellent work.

I like! :slight_smile:

I always enjoy your work. The only thing I could point out on this face is that the animated gear and the other mounting parts to it don’t have the same material feel to them. I wouldn’t say this is necessarily a problem but just the only criticism I could make to this face if I had to make one. Its beautiful as always.

I really like it - Don;t forget the dim mode though!

Its a really nice watch. The dim mode is my favorite part of your watch. Great work! Keep it up!

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Thank you for your contributions.

Now I see the dim mode working. WOW!! The dim mode itself would make a great watch face.

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