New watch! Trying to please this fickle crowd, hehe

Lots of stuff going on with this one, I am a little worried its a big resource pig…I am hoping its not. :smiley:


Going for Crowd Pleasing. Thats a Politicians Job. But that is nice. Enjoy Yourself. The Crowd will follow you. I am not sure how long you have been Facing Here but it seems to me you gave a good following for the Time Scale.


ha! Thanks man! I’m just trying to crack the Facer “algorithm”. Not much action with the mechanical faces, and no go with the cartoons. So thought I’d go for the vanilla.


Sadly there is a certain amount of Luck Involved. Did you get something in the charts Yet?
Isometric City is In the Charts.
If you make something completely original Facer may Feature it in a Catogory that is always good.


isometric has a paltry 45 syncs…I cant see how that’s in the charts.

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Oh Well. I thought I saw it there. May be it was Featured. Or someone flagged it on FB. Its all a Blur to me.

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below is one of my highest syncs with 300 each in a week. You really need to stand out from the crowd and have something that catches the eye and mood of people for the season it is. Its important to make sure it is in the right category so if it gets in, the people that want that style will sync it.
Also I find something funny always work well.
Good luck and really show your creative side.

You have to also find the right time to upload, for me in Australia (perth) its monday at around 11am as thats when the category charts change and its the best chance to get in there, even if at the bottom people have a better chance to see them. Saving your best for that time is what has worked for me . In 2 months I have over 200 followers and over 6500 syncs.
I also like to upload each day something so its in the new category and make sure I have updated a few that are not syncing well so that they show as my next 3 faces , so people can see more variety.

Hey, thanks for the advice. I am also on the other side of the world like you in Taiwan so I now try to time releases to Los Angeles AM times now. I’ll make sure to do a release around Monday 11 am my time next time as well. I am not sure what you mean by updating faces that are not syncing well though? Does that mean you are just re-publishing them?

yeah, you just republish some that you think should get a second chance as it brings them to the top of your recent faces on the app as it only shows 3 on app and pc it shows 4