New Watchface "Shadow-Master PRO" - Feedback Appreciated


That’s real nice. BTW, if you used the glow feature from the creator, it might get weird on some watches. I’ve had that happen before.

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Thanks @Rator. Yeah I remember it used to be sketchy on my Fossil Q Explorist, but no such problem with my Galaxy Watch now.

Very nice overall design. I like! I maybe would use a fixedwidth font for the LCD Time display

Right, but if someone downloads it on their Fossil, they may have the same issue. I had a few faces that I used a glow on and people commented that it was freaking out their watch. Dunno if Facer fixed that or not yet, but figured I’d give you a heads up. Looks great!

Hi. So the numbers don’t shift? Any easy way to set that up?

Well, it’s simple to change. You have to use a fixedwidth LED-font and replace the other one.

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Thanks for the feedback, will look into that

Good job !

Good job

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