Newbie Help Needed: Complication Sizing / LEDs Light .pngs / Shortcuts to Apps

Yeah… just incredible. This is my 4th smart watch (Galaxy 4 Classic) – I had 3 others in the past but I never used them. But now, it’s an entirely different thing… incredible Form and Function. Gorgeous watch faces and really practical solutions. It’s been an incredible evolution.


Thanks for the suggestion russellcresser!

I redesigned Matteo Dini’s MD294:

Although it wouldn’t be appropriate to share the actual Watch Faces (did a version in Facer and in WatchFaceStudio), Matteo gave me permission to share screenshots.

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Hmmm… this looks like advertising… please don’t do that.

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Well, it’s not available for purchase - so it’s not really advertising; right? I did edit the post and tone it down a little. :slight_smile:

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That’s his original watch face, not mine.