Newbie help with design featuresplease

hey all - just started yesterday - so I designed a watch face and added complication(s) but when I upload it to my watch nothing shows - also I can’t get the font to go any larger.

How can I get the app launcher to go straight to a certain app - like fit > workout>tennis ?

Thanks for your help in advance

Cheers - Maso

Post a link to your face with inspection mode ensbled. This will allow others to see what you have done and provide better assistance.

App launchers are Pro only functionality which I don’t subscribe to. If the font issue is with the laucher or other pro function, then I can’t help, but for most elements font size has a picker at the bottom of the designer screen as well as a free text field on the right (click ‘rocket’ icon).

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You can choose the app for each app launcher you have placed in a face but you can’t preset beyond that. So, tap to open Fit: yes, tap to open Fit> workout> tennis : no.

But yeah, posting here with inspection mode enabled will help the community be able to dig in and help you find the problem.

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