Newbie question

When you choose a face to download, can you change the complications so they are the ones you want to see or are you just stuck with what the design has on it?
Sorry if this ia a dumb question and please no rude comments, thanks!

in WearOS faces no. In Apple faces, I think some things can be changed through the Apple watch face app, but not the Facer app. Although I think if that is the case it’s not really supposed to be and could be a loophole that will be closed. I don’t have an apple watch so I am only going by what I have gleaned from other threads.

Ok thank you for the welcome and the reply, it’s appreciated:)

Hi groundsk,
Welcome! Actually, for the majority of Wear OS designs you cannot change the complications, but on one specific type of design a double-tap will bring up a menu of options depending on the apps that your watch supports. I have a couple of designs that use it. Example: Linlay Designs - [Customize] Chalkboard Winter - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer (For some reason the preview is not showing the icons. It’s probably a bug in the forum software.)