Newbie Questions

I have been using Facer on my Galaxy watch for a while and love the features. I am attempting to make my first face and have a few basic questions:

  1. Is there a repository of faces that I can dissect in Creator to understand the basics?

  2. I am creating an analog face and want the second had to ‘tick’ from second to second and not sweep. What do I change?


look for Faces with Inspector Mode Enabled. You can open these in the Creator and look at everything and experiment, but you can not save the changes.

If you look closely at the tags you will find many ready-made functions. For example:
second hand smooth rotation: #DWFSS#
second hand normal rotation: #DseT#

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Hi @jeff.ginsburg !

The rotational code for the ‘tick’ is #DWFS# for the second hand.

There are a lot of watches that have inspection mode turned on and you can click the rocket ship in the preview to see the code used for the different elements.

There is a great reference articles located here for the different tags that can be used:

Tutorials are located here:

The facer academy is here:

Welcome to the Fun!


Thanks to both of you for responding so quickly. The software is really powerful and I can’t wait to master this first face.


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