Next Project (WIP) War of the Worlds


Ahem. Maybe you should add some time display? And an AOD face?

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Added Time/Date and AOD!!! Am now playing with some of the background effects such as smoke and glow from background fires. I think I am settling on a scene of the spacecraft traveling down the main street in town with buildings on fire on either side.

Any input and ideas are welcome!

Also, I enabled Inspection Mode for anyone wanting to view! See the link in first post.

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Added BG buildings, Fire Effects, Sky BG, Smoke Effects and red lighting effects for explosions fire in BG. Still playing with the smoke and fire a bit, trying to use less graphics while getting similar effects thru motion and opac effects.

I think i’m done for today, that was a lot of img editing!

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Looks great now!

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Thanks, Im hoping to finish it up today!

Just published, what do you think? Anything I should change or add?

Nice. But you should add an AOD-Picture.

That’s an idea! maybe the title art from the poster?

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How’s that for AOD?


I like it ! :+1:

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