No Blank Apple Face Template?

Hey Everyone, So I have been designing all WearOS and Tizen faces only. I guess it’s because that is what I own. A Galaxy Watch 4 Classic.
I wanted to create some Apple Watch faces from of my analog face designs but it looks to me like there is not a blank Apple face template to work from. Is this the case with Apple and Facer. You can’t create your own specific design? You can’t even delete the elements from the listed face templates.

This is one of my faces on a Gear Watch

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The Partners do tricks on Apple Watches that let them post different stuff. We are stuck with the templates. No second hand or animations. Facer stuff on Apple is updated every 15 minutes or there about. Power saving Stratergy. Have a look at what has been done. Some have posted Faces that look a bit like yous but they are nonsense they are just pictures. Who would think people would post a CON to get thier sync count up. Having said that if you make something nice within the restriction you will be surprised how many Syncs you get. Most of the Faces posted are just Pictures behind the basic template. Talent Fest.

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Makes sence. I’ll have to play around with it. The few people I see and know all use analog it seems. I figure if I create a few Apple faces it will spread my library to a bigger audience. Thx.

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Absolutly. A good few look at both Apple and WOS/Tizen.

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What exactly did you mean there?


Interestingly @kourosh the Faces I am referring to are mostly made by Mike O Day . In the Premium section I am afraid . If I could make Faces like this for Apple I might not be Looking at WFS . How ever it seems like playing with the Hands is still Forbidden . I have nothing against Mike being able to do this . I admire a lot of his work .

I will also find one from the Free list .

I have not singled any one out . Just for example .

I still don’t understand, are you saying “partners” have access to Apple features that us in the leper colony don’t?


Have you done much Apple Work with the templates we Have . I recognise the difference easily . Those are tricks that you can doo on your Phone if you have an Apple account . But I feel it a little unfair that they can be ported to appear on the Facer Pages . That would be a little like me posting my WFS stuff here . I am not saying it is just the partners . There are quite a few exceptions in the Free Listing . Last time I went through them 1/3 were not possible with the templates we can use . I would not use the Description Leper Colony but I might in just Say Soft Underbelly .

Every time I make comment at this level my Sync’s Go Down . Me and Marvin have a Love Hate Relationship .

I have just a single test face I’m working on (trying to somewhat match my LCD face) but no fruit watch to test it on. I was confused seeing published fruit faces with elements that are impossible with the given vanilla templates.

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I don’t think Partners or Pro subscribers have access to any extra templates. Some of the Partners own Apple Watches that give them options to upload specific elements. As I understand it, it’s an Apple-only thing. I’ve looked into it at my local phone/watch store, but I would have to buy an Apple phone AND watch in order to do that. I’m not ready to spend that much $.

I don’t agree. As I see it, it’s no different from one person using PhotoShop and having a degree from art school, and another using free graphics and no art training. You work with the tools that you have.

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Aha… a fruity conspiracy! :joy:

But how does that work its way back into Facer faces listed here, if I was to believe the many face previews that show impossible-looking elements? Or are those just mock-up/staged images and they are still limited to only what Facer provides?

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I could be wrong, but as I understand it, from the guy in my phone/watch store, it’s a computer-phone-watch-computer-website process. Or maybe I have the sequence wrong.
If I had those tools I’d use them, but until then I’ll just sit and paint pretty pictures like the village idiot.

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@Linlay Do you have an apple watch and Phone . If so you can publish the stuff We are talking about . It has nothing to do with any kind of graphic skills in most cases . Those are some stock resources from Apple that you can plonk on your watch from your iPhone , Absolutely nothing to do with the creativity of those who are trying very hard to make nice stuff for Free . despite most of what gets Published being BLOODY SHIT .

No, Russell, as I mentioned above, I do not have an Apple phone or watch.
My analogy was about tools. We use the tools that we have access to.

I don’t know why people are so negative about Apple. I find it rather disgusting when I read nasty comments over in the FB Group about Apple. I cannot use their computers because I have a relationship with a couple of their competitors, but I would use their phone and watch if I had them. My family has Apple phones and watches. If I did my Apple watch faces would be more advanced. I use my tools and do my best.

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Yeah . the whole point is we have no access to the tools that are displayed in those Faces . You will see that those who are contributing to this Topic are ones that make Jolly nice Work if I might say . That of course Includes yourself . May I invite you to make a face for a member of your family and just see what we are talking about . You always have my respect for your Input here . It always surprises me how few Partners do since that is a Precept of their Partnership . Or that is what it says in the Documentation about becoming a Partner . Perhaps that Condition has been removed .

My family is not interested in my Apple faces. They use what Apple provides. If I did create anything for them it would using what I’ve always used. I know what you are talking about. If we don’t have Apple phone and watch we are stuck using what we are able to. Just try to be creative with what you have.

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@Linlay . So I have to Apologise .I see you have many Apple Publications and many mor of the Others . Please forgive me for Assuming you were not Familiar with the Templates we use on Facer . You must find it easy to detect the Faces we can not Achive on the Facer Platform Alone .

If you have an iPhone and Apple Watch there is way to import from the Apple Watch Gallery, which is available within the Apple Watch App. You can modify what is available to a certain degree. Once you are happy with the design, you can import it into Facer. Within Facer you cannot modify the watch face but you can publish it.

Apple Gallery, from which I chose the 1st chronograph:

Once in my Apple Watch App, I can modify compilations with existing ones I have created before, or use standard Apple ones (I chose ones from TX-A61 and TX-A62):

I can then export it to facer (top right button) and add description to it:

I can then save it as a draft in Facer:

It is now in Facer Creator:

If I press “Edit”, I can only publish it:

Some things are fixed and cannot be changed, such as the layout and hands.


Tom . Some suspected this was the case . Thank you for making it Clear . All the best with your new collection . I reckon you coud keep 3 in the chars for a month if you wanted to . I suspect despite the name you can not actually run a stopwatch .