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No changing images on the SGW4c every hour

Hello, everyone,
I have created a clock face where the background changes a little every hour.
Everything is going great here on the platform, but on the SGW4c the images do not change (at noon you can still see an image for the night).

At 00:00 - $#DHZ#==00?100:0$
at 01:00 - $#DHZ#==01?100:0$ etc.

Can the SGW4c not process this or is it a mistake on my part???
Could someone take a look and see if everything is correct?
Thanks in advance…


I would not use #DHZ#. I think the Leading Zero is for Display purpouses only. I am on my phone right now. But I think it is #DH# you want to use. I test stuff in my Watch Box. It handles things a little differently some times flagging up Bugs.

With #DH# you will need 24 change images. For #Dh# you woul only need 12… Type the Tags into a text Box and see what they do when you run the Time Machine. ( Slider)


I made a colour changing Face a while ago now, but it changed every 15 Seconds. You’re welcome to have a look below, where Inspection is enabled, and here’s the 4 Tags I used -

Changing the #Ds# to #Dh# works for an Hourly change, but you’d need to change the 12-1 Tag to -
This example below I put together quickly with just 4 images, so you won’t see anything after 4 o’clock.


Technically for a positive change over you only have >= once in a conditional. Otherwise for a fraction of a second you will have both Images.
I will get on my laptop and show you quickly.

This is more correct in Code but I see your test works fine @icrltd4




The main point is at the end of the Day is Different Watches deal with code Differently so WE have to learn the code that is best for all of them. I work on quite a few Online Open Source Platforms ( Free ). They all have thier Pit Falls. It must be no surprise that what we do on Facer is not what is put on our watches. It has to be sent to LA for Compiling then sending back to us as a Sync. For me sometimes that happens within seconds. I am so pleased with myself when I get something to work that I have bern been struggeling with.

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Hi @russellcresser and @icrltd4 ,

thank you in advance for your help.
I have now taken this formula { $#DH#>0&&#DH#<=1?100:0$ }. It seems to be working. In any case, I have the right picture on the display at the right time of day… but I can’t tell you more exactly until this evening.

Now I’m trying to see if, for example, from 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. a specific sequence (I let the character drink coffee (8 images)) can also be played.


Wow, cool design


@daredevill Well that is a lot of Coffee and not much sleep. I would make a sequence out of you 8 coffee drinking images and show the sequence every 20 minutes or something like that . If you are Interested in doing that. I can help you later when I am on the Laptop.

I see what you are doing with your animation at the moment . So the action is so stretched that it will be missed . I understand what you are doing . The animation works fine when you run the Time machine at full speed . The Paper from the printer takes 12 hours to fall to the floor . While I understand your Picture is a snapshot in time of what is going on in the 24 hour office . For me you should continue with the Day Night animation in the window . What I would do is split the image up and run the window as a separate story With your Image opacity . Then the little jokes like the Paper Him drinking and squinting at the screen could be sequence animations that are triggered at certain times in a minute . You must plan to show all the little jokes quite regularly . People are not going to sit watching their watch for 24 Hours even if HE has to be awake all that time .