No Device Found in Creator when Sending Face to Watch

When trying to send my watch face to my watch, it says no device found, but I can’t see any way to sync my watch with the software? I have the Facer companion on my phone and it is synced to my watch but no option to link my creator account?


Have you signed in? Do you have Facer on your watch as well, and is it a compatible device?

I have signed into Facer creator and I do have Facer on my watch as I have two faces already from the published faces. Not sure about compatibility? Watch is Samsung Gear s3 with the latest Facer companion as I installed it today. Facer on iPhone was installed 3 months ago so I assume it is the latest.

Silly question, but is the wifi on the watch enabled?

Yes it is on. So far the only way I can get a watch face on my watch is publish it first. It is a little frustrating as I have test it live and then fix bugs by updating.

When you say

I have the Facer companion on my phone and it is synced to my watch but no option to link my creator account?

does that mean you are unable to log into the phone app with your account? I find the simplest way to test previews is to view My Designs on the app and then Send to Watch over wifi.

I have the same situation. I am logged into the site with the same email address used on my watch (Fossil Q Founder) and in the Wear OS software… it’s the only email address I am using. There is no option in the Facer iOS app to log in (that I can see).

I can sync with my watch from the Facer App, but there is no option to log into an account. I can log into the Facer creator but no option sync with my watch from creator. If I could sync my watch from the creator website I should be able to test my draft faces on my watch.

Also, I have a Samsung Gear S3 and using an iPhone 6. Wondering if that combination is the issue?

Instead of trying to sync from creator, have you tried sending to watch from My Designs in the app? This is how I send from Android app to Samsung Sport.

As have an iPhone the Gear S app is cut down in features and it doesn’t have a My Designs feature :frowning: I need to get rid of my crappy iPhone!

It is almost certainly a limitation with the iPhone app as it does not appear to have the ability to log into the app with a account and, as such, has no connectivity to your online account and designs. It’s a shame… I would really like the ability to manage my faces (both mine or others) from the site as it is a nicer experience.

Yes. I do have the same issues with my Huawei classic and my Iphone. It´s a shame… :frowning:


I reach the same issue today. Everything is OK between the Phone and the Watch. On the phone, I’m able to download free apps and send them to the Watch. However, using Facer Creator online I get the “No device found” when trying to sync (also I’m logged-in with the same account on both sides).

Here is my configuration:

  • Watch: FOSSIL Gen 5 Garrett HR / Wear OS 2.33 / Facer version
  • Phone: Nokia 5 / Android 9 / Facer version

Any hint ?

(still the error after watch reboot + phone reboot + facer online creator logout/login)


Now I get it ! The reason was just because I created a new design from an Apple Watch Face.
The error message should be improved to distinguish from connection errors.