No info showing

All of my Facer faces are not showing anf info, like time, temp, etc. What should I do?


What do you mean? Can you provide us with a face that you’re having trouble with? Did you make sure the tags are typed correctly and the text is being shown properly?


Welcome To @ccarrigan7 . If your Watch Face is not showing the TIME it is not a Facer Issue . I would say a Reboot is required . You need to Grant permissions on your phone to transfer data about the Weather and your Health to your watch Let us know what watch you have and also which mobile you gave connected to your watch over Bluetooth .

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Hi Corinne,
I took a look at your Favorites. You have several in there that are Premium designs. Those have been tested by Facer to be sure they are working well. Therefore, as russellcresser mentioned the problem most likely is your watch.

  • Does the battery have a good charge?
  • Have you tried his suggestions to restart the watch and grant permissions?
  • Make sure your phone (Facer/WearOS) and watch software is up to date as well.
  • If you go back to a stock watch face that came with the watch, does that show all information?