NO - l don't want facebook later

I’m starting to get Facer advertising asking me to join the Facer group on Facebook- the advert is almost full screen and there are only two choices, join now or join later! What is this crap? I paid to not receive advertising and that should include you Facer!
Facer seems to be taking a leaf from Microsoft - do it our way or leave if you don’t like it!
As you can probably understand I dislike Facebook and all it stands for.

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Yes, I do not like that sort of thing either. In the EU, that would not go down well. You have to have the possibility to “opt-in”, not “opt-out” afterwards.

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Cannot stand Facebook. Ripped my family apart. So i understand. Have not touched Facebook in almost 8 years now so yah i get it…

Where are you seeing this advertising? Computer? Phone? On Facer or on your Facebook account?

On my mobile phone…when using the app not in the community here.

I’m not a phone expert, so I won’t speculate on why you are getting that. Maybe you should report it to Facer Support to let them know that you already paid for no ads.