No QR code on Samsung watch re IPAD FACER app

I am trying to start the FACER app on my IPAD ( I have donwloaded the latest version ).

I have also updated FACER on my samsung phone and my Samsung Galaxy watch and Galaxy Wearable on my phone.

I start FACER on my phone.

Make sure a FACER watch face is active on my watch.

Click on the face 4 times and nothing! The watch face is still there, no message, no reaction at all.

Clicking 3 times brings up the FACER watch chooser screen. Clicking 4 times does nothing.

Help please.

Do you have an answer to this?


We don’t officially support Facer installed on an iPad, and I’m not sure Samsung officially supports connecting to their watch from an iPad either. The issue you’re describing indicates that Facer on the watch isn’t able to detect that it’s connected to an iOS device (likely because it’s an iPad and not an iPhone).

One option that MIGHT work is installing Facer from an iPhone (if you have one), and then connecting it to an iPad by going through the 4x tap and QR code scanning step from the tablet.

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I don’t have an IPHONE, I have an IPAD pro that I use as my ‘laptop substitute’ most of the time. It is a pitty that you app will not work with it.

Anyway, thanks for looking into my issue and getting back to me.