No qr code scanner in the app

I use Facer happily for a while then instead of a watch face I get this annoying screen saying to scan a qr code in the app. My app has no qr code scanner? I followed all the directions and even reloaded the app. There is no qr code scanner in the Settings?

Please advise.

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The QR code pops up when you tap your watch face 4 times, which is surprisingly easy to do accidentally. I think this feature is only used for syncing to an iPhone.

Here’s an article that talks about using the QR code for iOS syncing. This is the only mention I can find of it

Introducing Android Wear and Samsung Gear Support on Facer iOS! | by Gavin Potts | Facer.

How can we stop QR code screen keep on pop-up all the time?

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Yeah . Sadly if you Have an Incremental Variable on the face you have just designed and you want it to add up to ten you see it at least twice . It should be an option in the settings menu only . Perhaps not down Two Pages .