No sync on here

So the step counter is not working, the temperature always shows something else than my phone, battery level not syncing…

unpair your watch from the phone uninstall the apps and reinstall and synchronize again.

Hi @Rise288
Pls provide more details, watch model, phone etc.

Huawei watch gt 2
Phone : huawei mate 20 pro…
So the temperature always shows 2-3 °c more or less than it actually is, the step counter always shows 0 even if it is active on my phone, and yes facer has access to huawei health etc. And somehow it won’t allow to use 24h format even if its supported, chosen and enabled in the settings

Although I use an iPhone with my Galaxy Watch but I will try to help as much as I can as I have gone through some of these issues myself.

Oddly, you are using all Huawei equipment so logic says they should be totally compatible and in sync.

Temperature, when you say “2-3 degrees more or less than it actually is” are you comparing to the news on TV, your weather app on the phone or the temp from the watch itself? 2-3 degrees is not so bad, if you compare temp between the sources I mentioned it will not be the same.

Steps; It happened a few time with my GW and I used to turn off the watch for 5 minutes, turn back on and it works, if that does not work try re-installing Facer

Unfortunately, I cannot help you with the 24h issue, it’s the first time I hear about it.


Thanks, ill try it. The temp is showing 2-3 degrees more than on my phone and watch itself. Without facer rte temp shows the same on my watch just as on my phone

For the 24h settings, on my watch, it uses whatever I have set in the wear OS settings, NOT what i set in facer.

I’m going to assume you meant to say Huawei Watch 2, since the Huawei Watch GT 2 is not a WearOS watch and Facer doesn’t support it. Be that as it may.

DISCLAIMER: I’ve picked up this information from several different Facer Community posts, so this is just my overview of the issue.

Facer uses OpenWeather ( for their weather source. OpenWeather does not use your “exact” location (no matter what your watch says) and just gives the region wide weather which can be different from where you are now.

You have to make sure your phone is not set to use power management (Adaptive Battery) where it closes “unused” background apps, or at least exempt the Facer app from it.

Next I’ve found that my weather updates more regularly if I open the Facer app 3 or 4 times during the day. There have been lots of times where I’ve looked at my watch and thought that the temperature was wrong, opened the Facer app, closed it and checked my watch and it be close to correct.

NOTE: I’m using a Galaxy S3 Frontier and an Active 2 watch for my daily carry. I also have a cheap TicWatch E that I use only for testing and it seems to have the same issue and cure.

These are my personal observations and are of course subjective: Your Mileage May Vary!

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