No weather information on Galaxy watch 46

Hi all!

Unfortunately, until today I have not managed to get any weather information displayed on a Facer dial! With the dials from Samsung (eg Tomcat) everything works fine. Even the default installed weather app (The Weather Channel) on the watch displays weather data without any problems. Why not with Facer?

By the way, I have Facer on my watch. GPS and WLAN are also turned on (GPS on my smartphone is also turned on). Unfortunately all without success!

As I could see from earlier posts, there were problems with the weather information before…

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!


Searching through the old threads, one thing to try is to remove facer from your watch and re-install it. That has worked for some people in the past. Some people had to do it more than once for some reason (?).

I hope that helps.

Thanks for your quick feedback!!! Much appreciated!

Samsung is having massive problems with the new Galaxy Wearable app at the moment. We hear that many users can no longer connect to the watch and that the plugin eats up an extremely large amount of power. I am therefore concerned about installing the new app. Unfortunately, you can no longer use the old Samsung app to reinstall Facer.

Do you know if there is a way to install the Facer app on the watch without using the Samsung app?

Thank you very much for your great support!

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You can “reinstall” the Facer watch app using the Facer phone app. Just go to settings> Facer Companion App and click it to reinstall.

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Very good to know! Thanks for this tip!

Thanks for this tip! I have found the cause of my problem…On my Galaxy Watch under Settings → Apps → Permissions, location permission must be enabled for the Facer app otherwise nothing works (even then when called from the current watch face to share location, it doesn’t work without the basic setting described earlier!).

Thanks anyway for the support!