Noob here, trying to learn

I’ve made a couple of boring faces. But could someone point me in the right direction to be able to put the watch/phone batteries on the faces. Also, to be able to spell out the time please?
I have no idea where to look. I’ve been using

Thank you

If you look at my (also noob) faces you’ll be able to see how the watch battery works on a dial. Basically you use the battery tag as the rotation value on a hand (in my case with modifiers to match a slightly non-standard dial). To add the battery as a text read out you only need to add the battery complication from the menu top left of the creator.

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Check out the Documentation page. That includes all the details on tags and gives a few tutorials.

Otherwise, search the forum for ideas and tips.


Thank you very much for your help. I guess I need to read up because I have no idea what tags are lol!

I appreciate this, thank you very much at least I have a start! :blush:

Spend time looking through these message boards. The math some of these guys use is beyond my comprehension, but a few of them have enabled the Inspector mode on their dials so you can see what they did in order to make some of their stuff work. The tools on Facer are great, but you really need to design a lot of the elements and upload them in order to get a really cool dial. I’m sure you knew that part, but that was the first thing I learned. There are a few Google+ groups that are really helpful with sharing bits and pieces of watches like numbers, bezels, hands, and things like that. I suck at choosing the right hands for the watch and I don’t know how these guys made them look so realistic, but I’m also learning. It’s been a really fun process and every day I come home from work with new ideas that I have to sit down and try out.


Thank you very much! i want to make so many its driving me crazy but now i don’t want to make boring ones, except I’m not into analog i like digital only really. Like you i have new ideas every morning and i want to go crazy lol.

My way around losing those “good ideas”…

Make yourself a picture repository (I have a folder on Dropbox). As soon as I see a cool watch photo that gives me new ideas, I right click the photo and save it in my Dropbox. Even sketches, if I’m doodling a watchface and mistakenly draw something cool (it’s always by mistake lol) I just take a picture of it with my phone and upload the photo to my Dropbox.

This way, I dont have to “remember to remember” that cool idea I had. I save the photo/idea and forget about it. When I finish a watchface and am ready for the next, I browse through this stockpile of images to see if one of those ideas resurfaces. If a photo doesn’t return the same coolness I thought originally, I throw it away. When I finish a face that was prompted by one of these photos, I throw that photo away too (it’s done). It’s a good way to queue up a handful of new design ideas when you finish a design.


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Haha that’s a good idea! Well I’m still in the “learning” phase. So I just save pics I see as I go along.

Trying to figure which I like. But I’ll keep trying.


Omg you’ve got some badass faces! I just had to get the sun and moon one and I’m not an analog fan. It’s awesome.


This community is a wealth of information. Make sure you read the discussion topics on copyrights and trademarks. Take the high road and don’t fall into using copyrighted images and pre-made clocks posted on the internet. Taking credit for the work of another person is never a good thing. Have fun. Soon you will become addicted. The guys who do the Premium designs here are amazing.

Thanks Lori (@blukrystlz) ! I also built a website where visitors can look at my work in groups.


I’m fairly new myself, so welcome. All good advice here. Check watch faces that have the Inspect mode available. I have it on a couple of mine. You can then see how it was created. Also, be careful of making a watchface look too much like a real one. I had a Zenith get pulled because of copyrights. Just my 2cents.

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